Adult Birds For Adoption

We occasionally have adult parrots in need of new homes that have been rescued or that we do not have any background information on. Every situation is different, so adoption fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis. All birds listed for adoption are healthy and if not from our aviary originally, have been disease tested. Some of the birds that are listed for adoption will need work. This will be reflected in their adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting an adult, please contact us to find out more about the birds listed below.   

"Breeze and Dotti" - Breeze is a 24yo Mealy Amazon who recently lost his mate. However, he has recently made a new lady friend, Dotti. Breeze has some arthritis in his feet but is in good health otherwise. He can be on the grumpy side (like most older Amazons) and can be noisy. He will step up on a perch and will perch on your hand once he gets to know you. Dotti, a 7yo Bodini Amazon, grew up with a Blue & Gold Macaw, but that proved to be a combination that wasn't going to last long term so she is here looking for a new home with Breeze. Dotti is generally quiet and can be a good talker. She is not aggressive but is shy. She will step up once familiar with someone. Breeze and Dotti will require a large cage and a home where noise is not a concern. This pair loves sitting on a play stand during the day and tend not to wander unless they fall down.

We do require that these two stay together, as they have both been through a lot of change and take comfort in each other's company. $1000.