About Us

Our story starts in 1997 with a single Cockatiel. From there, we developed a passion for raising well-socialized, hand-fed Cockatiels. Gradually, we added different species of parrots to our flock and began expanding our breeding programs.

In 2007, we moved to our first commercial location in Chantilly, VA. The store was small, but provided a place for parrot lovers to congregate, learn, and establish friendships that would last lifetimes. This was the beginning of the TC Feathers parrot community (or the “parrot people” as we fondly call ourselves). Thanks to this ever-growing group of devoted parrot lovers, our business continued to flourish and we added more species and parrot supplies.

By 2013, we needed more space so we moved to a larger store less than a mile from the first and we are still in the same location today. Our current facility is a 6,000 square foot parrot paradise offering loads of toys, cages, play gyms, books, high-quality bird food, supplements, accessories, gift items and more. Our winged store residents have a fun and enriching playground, and our customers have a visiting area that most never want to leave. 

Although the size of our store has grown, our mission and ideals have remained the same. Our focus is on raising friendly, happy, and healthy babies and matching them with the perfect human companions. We also rescue, adopt, and re-home parrots in need, making sure that they are given the best opportunity for a happy, forever home life. 

We take great pride in providing our parrots with a safe, clean, and healthy environment and ensuring that every customer receives the personal, one-on-one help and guidance that our business is known for.