Hand-Fed Babies

This list will be updated whenever new babies hatch. A lot of our birds sell before they are born, so babies that already have a deposit on them will not be listed on this page.

The following is a list of babies that are available for deposit now or are weaned and ready to go home. The colors (if applicable) vary clutch-by-clutch. We do our best to predict what types of babies will hatch and how many, but please understand that Mother Nature has the final say regarding the number, color and gender of babies that hatch. Please contact us to leave a deposit.


Normal Green Cheek Conures $500 - 2 weaned and ready 

Green Quakers $550 - 3 weaned and ready

Dusky Conures $650 - 4 weaned and ready

Violet Indian Ringnecks $2000 -2 available being handfed

Black Headed Caiques  $2800 - 2 available being handfed

White Capped Pionus  $2000 - 2 being handfed

Sunsky Conure Babies hatching now!